Latest Product & Supply Chain Information

Updated as of 10.4.2021

I. Product Limits for Certain Items

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 global supply chain disruption, we are temporarily implementing limits on a few of our products, so we can manage inventory and best serve all customers.
Note: Your order will be refunded if your order exceeds quantity limit. Limits are per customer.
Thank you for the support. Our team and suppliers are working hard to meet your needs. 
Item Quantity Limit
All Containers including Jelly Jars 10 cases 
Wicks  3 packs
All Lids 120 pieces (10 cases)
IGI 6006 Wax

8 cases 


II. Bulk Fragrances- Longer Lead Times

Bulk Fragrances (> 4 lbs.) are taking a few days longer to fulfill- on average 3 days.